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sábado, 10 de maio de 2014

Advanced Facebook Tips and Tricks - By Scott Levy

1. Trial run: Test engagement for different times of the day. A lot of companies post on Facebook only during traditional business hours. But what if your constituents are mostly abroad? How about those night owls? Tap into your inner scientist and experiment by posting on your Facebook feed during different times throughout the day (and night). Different studies will point to different conclusions, but the truth is, results will vary depending on the kind of users your brand attracts. The only way to ensure optimal engagement is through old-fashioned trial and error. While I would never suggest anyone automate their posting, if you feel like you have to, Facebook now offers a scheduling tool so you can deliver late-night posts without disturbing your own beauty sleep. But keep in mind that when a company makes a post, people assume there's someone there live. If you don't reply back or address the issue because it was a scheduled post and you aren't actually there, you look bad.
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