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terça-feira, 3 de junho de 2014

Increase-engagement-with-social-media (by Jeff Bullas)

#2. Social personality

Creating social media posts for company on a daily basis can be a tough task. Obtaining engagement on all of those social media posts can be even tougher! Think outside of the box for a campaign that can create engagement while making your messaging more compelling to your audience.
A relocation company recently created a mascot where the majority of the social messages will be coming from “Raffi The Relocator.” This has resulted in more engagement and fresh life for their social media channels.
How to Increase Engagement with Social Media
If you are an individual trying to get your message out and don’t want to seem too “salesy,” create a caricature of yourself and promote the social message in this form. You’ll see more interaction and people will actually be talking about all of your latest posts!

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