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terça-feira, 3 de junho de 2014

Dicas SmartSharing - #48

Think mobile friendly

When it comes to mobile marketing, the messaging has to be more concise. With users short attention span in the digital age, they are less likely to read a social post that is several paragraphs long compared to just a sentence. This philosophy should be carried out through all of your social channels.

 The shorter the better!


How to increase engagement with social media
How to increase engagement with social media

If you have a short message with a great graphic where a memorable character is giving away a compelling prize, you’ll see your interaction skyrocket! This will be the case on mobile or on desktop. Eventually, this will also lead to users becoming brand advocates for your social channels!


O SmartSharing por provocar contacto com fans, clientes, prospetcs...vai percebendo como calibrar as mensagens
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