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terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2015

Smart Headline

Today we are overwhelmed not by Martians, but by mails and junk emails. A way of getting your email opened, is the chosen headline

Here are 10 ways you can ensure your headline is magnetic (

1.       Where’s the benefit? – people enjoy reading articles that teach them something. Use your headline to tell your readers what they are going to learn in your article.

2.      There’s no need to reinvent the wheel – people enjoy headlines that are “How To” and “List” oriented. So, use them… even if they seem played out.

3.      Stats are better than opinion – if you have data that backs up your main point, use it within your headline.

4.      Put people over search engines – adding keywords to your headline to make it more search engine friendly isn’t a good idea if it makes your headline boring and dull. Write them for people over search engines.

5.      Create a sense of urgency – by telling your readers that they only have a short window to act on your information, you are more likely to get them to read it.

6.      Leverage laziness – people don’t like working, so leverage that within your headline. For example, your headline could start off with… “the lazy man’s way to…”.

7.      Appeal to emotions – we are all humans, and sparking an emotional feeling within your headline is a great way to draw a reader’s attention.

8.      Capitalize on mistakes – people make mistakes, so creating a headline that shows what people can learn from your, or other people’s, mistakes can easily draw a big audience. My most popular post on Quick Sprout is still about a handful of business mistakes that lost me money.

9.      Evoke curiosity – people are naturally curious, so making your headline a question will encourage them to click through and read your content.

10.   The double whammy – by combing a few of the elements above and using them in one headline, you can create the double whammy effect. For example, your headline might read “How to Increase Your SEO Traffic with These 3 Simple Steps”.
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